Commissions are a perfect way to get a very original customized piece of artwork be it a digital print or an original. They make great keepsakes and gifts, not to mention a nice addition to anyone who collects art.

For specified information on commissions please refere to the following pages:

Commission a Character

To commission me a character, be it human or animal etc¦ please send me the following information.

All this info will help in determinig the overall price

A written character(s) description and or a picture reference.
Any specific colors, please be sure to inform me of them (you may select a 6 digit code for more accurate results. Also please note that depending on the computer monitor and printer the color may not be exactly as shown) .
Don't know the color code? Try the Color Selector

Size you would like

Type of commissions (Sketch, line art, or a full color commission/Black and white etc)

If you want a Background, Text or a border( if you are thinking of getting the art framed I would suggest a 1/4" -1/2" border (any color is possible)


Any other specifications you would like to include such as:

The desired pose or action
Do you want the camera angle to be above below beside etc….
The location of the person or a desired background

Please make sure to send me all the details for a smooth problem free commission

You will be provided with frequent updates of you image in progress. This allows me to ask questions and get feedback to be able to provide you with what you wanted!



Always Drawing...
Good, but never great...
Finished, yet never complete...
Corrected, yet never flawless...
Striving for perfection is a long hard road
And when you get there...
you still have yourself, to compete with....
~Samantha Lim


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