Commissions are a perfect way to get a very original customized piece of artwork be it a digital print or an original. They make great keepsakes and gifts, not to mention a nice addition to anyone who collects art.

For specified information on commissions please refere to the following pages:


- all payments are made through paypal or by e-Transfer

- For all commission there is a minimum deposit and I ask that the deposit is paid before I begin each commission. (The deposit will be deducted from the total amount ) To pay for the commission I will send you an E-mail invoice from PayPal asking for the deposit and the remaining cost upon completion. If you cannot use PayPal there may be other methods of payment, please discuss it with me.

-  The original image or full-sized image without watermark will not be sent to you until I receive a full payment. The total cost is determined by size, paper quality, amount of details, material needed and time worked on the product. (T-shirt sizes and colors do not affect the total cost)I will do my best to work with you in determining a fair price.
There may or may not be additional fees for add-on's after an agreed upon price.

- There will be an extra cost if you request your commission to be rushed after an agreed upon date for completion. This cost will be determined by the amount of time I will have to put extra work into your commission and put other work aside

- If you decide you no longer want to purchase the commission you can ask for a refund

-If for any reason the commission cannot be completed on time you may request your deposit returned or we can discuss an alternate solution.


- If for any reason cannot complete the commission I will send you a 100% refund (includs the deposit)

- If you decide you no longer want to purchase the commission:
you may ask for a refund but your minimum deposit will not be refunded. (for example: if you commission me and the agreed price is $80 for the sketch, your minimum deposit payment is $50. You have opted to pay $65. After 3 weeks you decide you no longer want this commission, you would receive a $15 refund). Please be certain you want your commission before paying the deposit, there is no charge to inquire and determine a price. I will keep all requests for about 3 months if you want to think about it.

Always Drawing...
Good, but never great...
Finished, yet never complete...
Corrected, yet never flawless...
Striving for perfection is a long hard road
And when you get there...
you still have yourself, to compete with....
~Samantha Lim


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