Commissions are a perfect way to get a very original customized piece of artwork be it a digital print or an original. They make great keepsakes and gifts, not to mention a nice addition to anyone who collects art.

For specified information on commissions please refere to the following pages:



I will work with you to determine a price and an approximate date of completion. I ask that anyone agreeing to order a commission pay a deposit of 25 - 50% of the total cost depending on the total. I will not start any work on it until the deposit is received. For most peices it is good to give at least 3 weeks time.This allows me to show you the progress and get feedback from you to make this commission come out just how you want it!

When the commission is completed I will send you e-mail wtih deatails on the remaining amount.

When that payment is received your purchase will be mailed within 3 business days. will be mailed with envelope stuffers in a plastic binder sleeve.

Pricing for commissions vary greatly depending on what you are looking for and if you wish to have a hard copy. Please see the following pages for more information on pricing.

Always Drawing...
Good, but never great...
Finished, yet never complete...
Corrected, yet never flawless...
Striving for perfection is a long hard road
And when you get there...
you still have yourself, to compete with....
~Samantha Lim


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